Altering an A-line skirt to a straight skirt.

So as you might know it’s my mission to travel the globe in handmade clothes, and up to now in 2020 neither have been going my way. So whilst today I should have been on the plane heading off to sunnier climes for the third time this year ( all have been cancelled BTW)  and my hopes of travelling the globe get less each day I thought I’d best get on with making some handmade clothes!!

Today I decided I’d alter an A-line skirt to make it into a straight skirt – here’s how I got on below.

I’ve had the Tilly and The Buttons book Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking” for quite some time now but only used it to make the pyjamas (amazon affiliate link – I will get a tiny bit of money if you click through). 

So yesterday I decided that I’d give the Delphine Skirt a go, I had a nice grey black denim I wanted to use which ft the heavier type of material suggested for this skirt so I got it all cut out and made.

Looking at the Delphine skirt on the beautiful Tilly, it really looks amazing and a really Nice design – on me not so much – see below. 

I was really proud of my straight stitching and my invisible zip which I got in really well, my top tip being to use an invisible zip presser foot, like this one for my Janome ( affiliate link) and a guide presser foot  which was about £1.50 but has made myth stitching so much neater and straighter and is one of the best things I”ve bought for my machine.

When I tried on my skirt I was so disappointed, it was too big and just not my style at all, it looked nowhere near as nice on me as it does on Tilly, I guess we are all made differently and you may love it but I really didn’t.


See I told you it did nothing for me – so after sulking overnight I decided to change it to more of a straight skirt sand add some pockets. 

I picked out my favourite, well fitting straight skirt and used my tailor’s chalk to trace the lines on to the fabric of the A-line Delphine Skirt making sure I left about a half inch for seam allowance and then cut it out. 

It was a bit scary cutting into my newly created skirt but I sucked it up and got on with it. I then sewed my new seams and voila – a skirt much more my style was beginning to take shape. 

By chance, well Google, |I came across an amazing website with a free PDF guide to making jeans pockets and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s called the last Stitch and I’ll link to it as its just an awesome resource that I was fortunate to stumble across, there’s no ad here just want to help you all to make epic pockets. The last Stitch

So I printed out the free patterns and cut out my material and then assembled the pieces and stitched them to my skirt, and held my I absolutely love it, it’s much more my style and looks pretty cool. 

It’s the first item of clothing I’ve ever made which I’m going to wear out of the house. I’ve limited myself to sleepwear before as my creations just never seemed to be that epic. 

This time I focused on accurately cutting the pieces and used my new, super guide foot to help me stitch straight and it really paid off. 


So there it is the finished garment and the first one in my handmade clothes journey, now if only covid will do one and I can get back to travelling the globe!

Love Nicki xx

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